Top 7 tools that every visual programmer should know

Top 7 tools that every visual programmer should know

Visual programming is an ignored aspect of technology that has opened the door for ease and accessibility.

The skill allows people to easily learn to program and jump into it faster over learning a new language from scratch. Here are the top 7 programs designed for visual programmers.

1. Scratch
This is a browser-based visual coding platform focused on education and getting young people into doing.

It has a simple and easy to use interface focused on education and getting young people into coding. The platform is simple, colourful and can guide you through necessary details.

2. Wyliodrin
This platform is a Windows and browser-based flexible program. It allows you to work online through their website.

The user interface of Wyliodrin is a little less colourful than Scratch but it is equally intuitive and educational.

3. Microsoft Visual Studio

This studio has a steep learning curve, which makes it a great choice only for experienced programmers.

4. Android Studio
The SDK is aimed at creating apps for Android devices only.

It is streamlined to create anything that your product may ever want. Android Studio can be tough for some developers, it takes getting used to.

5. Node-Red
This is a great example of highly customisable visual code builder.

It enables easy to navigate programming setup for everything including creating a website or an app.

6. Zenodys
Zenodys is a highly capable visual programming tool. The SDK offers a variety of tools that are easy to use.

Zenodys is designed to make programming a more enjoyable experience.

7. NETLab Toolkit 
This is an older coding system but it stands its grounds. NETLab Toolkit is aimed at students.

It is meant for tangible mechanics and physical computing systems.

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