Top 5 adventurous AI-based TV shows you should not miss

Top 5 adventurous AI-based TV shows you should not miss

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a future tech that is likely to transform our lives. There are TV shows talking about and promoting AI as well. Here are top classic TV shows that talk about AI.


1. Westworld
This is one of the most exciting TV shows based on a futuristic theme park with human-like android hosts. It is a place where people come together to live their fantasies. The show heavily promotes AI, ML. It is a classic example of computer vision in action.

2. Silicon Valley
This is a must-watch series for data geek. The series is all about an entrepreneur trying to create a product that compresses files using ML. The series then shifts to the product becoming the world’s first decentralised Internet. The series is best for its simple explanation of the technology.

3. Altered Carbon
This web series on Netflix explores the concept of infinite life. Right from AI-based hotel to AI unicorns, the show reeks imagination of a potential life where AI is the determinant of one’s life.

4. Mr. Robot
This is one of the most complex data science-based TV shows. The story is told from the protagonist’s eyes. The series centres around growing threat of cybersecurity. It also elaborates the dominance of data and technology.

5. Person of Interest
This is the most-viewed data science-based TV series after Westworld. The mysterious billionaire software engineer creates a machine for the government. A system is capable of collecting all the information and predicting terrorist attacks. This series focuses on advanced facial recognition and what the machine showcases. It also sheds light on the ethics of privacy and potential risks of AI.


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