This AI-powered code completion tool gets support for 11 new programming languages

This AI-powered code completion tool gets support for 11 new programming languages

The AI-powered code completion tool, Kite has now added support for 11 new languages. The programming languages added in the latest update of Kite include Java, Scala, C/C++, Objective C, C#, Go, TypeScript, HTML/CSS.

The code competition tool was first launched in 2019, but it only supported Python. Earlier this year, Kite added support for JavaScript.

The tool also works in most popular development environments including VS Code, Sublime, Atom, JetBrain’s IntelliJ-based, Android Auto and JupyterLab.

For many developers, Kite is an attractive solution. The company claims that the tool saves efforts of active developers.

One thing that has always helped Kite stand out is its suggestions by relevance. Kite has fed its algorithm code from GitHub.

The code completion service is now available for download for free.

The enterprise edition is paid but ti comes with a larger deep learning model. The tool also includes support for multi-line code completion.

To accelerate the support for JavaScript and other languages, it turned to natural language processing (NLP) using OpenAI’s GPT-2. Kite has been training on 22 million open-source JavaScript scripts.

The development team tried using GPT-3 for code completion, but they found out that it is too large to fit on a developer’s laptop.

There are not any major architectural differences that make GPT-3 smarter than GPT-2.

The locally installed version of Kite is free for developers. The server-powered enterprise edition uses GPU to enhance completions.



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