Anthony Levandowski: Ex-Google engineer condemned for robbery

Anthony Levandowski: Ex-Google engineer condemned for robbery

An ex-engineer for Google’s self-driving vehicle unit has been condemned to year and a half in jail for proprietary advantage burglary in a matter of seconds before he joined Uber.

US District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said Anthony Levandowski had completed the “greatest proprietary advantage wrongdoing I have ever observed”.

Levandowski stacked in excess of 14,000 Google documents onto his PC before leaving the firm in January 2016.

He drove Uber’s robocar venture, just to be terminated in 2017 over this case.

Levandowski petitioned for financial protection in March this year since he owes $179m (£136m) to Google’s parent organization, Alphabet, for his activities.

Judge Alsup said “billions [of dollars] later on were impacting everything, and when those sort of budgetary motivations are there acceptable individuals will do horrible things, and that is the thing that occurred here”, reports Reuters news organization.

Levandowski – who was an establishing individual from Google’s self-driving vehicle venture, Waymo – had been seeking after a sentence of a year’s repression at his home in the San Francisco rural areas.

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